harugumo ifhe rework

[–]Verdelion 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (1 child). Along with that, you notice that your long range AA is reduced by 50% and mid range by 75%. All i can say is that it will propably be quite an stormy sea of events for the gameand i don't expect every player to make through it. Oh, and there is of course the option to surprise people by actually picking IFHE on a CL, which also contributes to more interesting decision making. World of Warships. Plating of tiers VI – VII battleships is brought to the value of 26 mm. This is mainly due to the fact that on many cruisers HE shells are just too useful a weapon to consider switching to AP for that potential juicy broadside. By jinelcrimp8, May 30, 2020 in World of Warships. I mean, i get the part of "keeping interactions within the class and between the classes, intact", but the interactions between light cruisers and BBs go like this; either you have IFHE and can melt the BB should you dodge damage well enough, or you don't have IFHE and can't do shit (apart from veery slowly cooking em). Lootboxes that are obtained with Real Money Transactions, or are obtained with currencies that are available for purchase via Real Money Transactions may not be posted unless a specific megathread is provided for such purpose. If you also add those low tier heavy cruisers that 25mm plating (giving them some resistance from DDs and BBs), while also making its so that the HE pen for pretty much everything is buffed by +1mm, i personally think the game would improve. Now, obviously this would be a nerf for BBs which rely on that 1mm to shatter that HE, but most low tier cruisers are quite squishy and lack DPM to seriously challenge BBs alone (save for something like Belfast and Atlanta). Either nerf the fires or the pen (which would suck) please not both. Not only will it go black and halve your damage after a short time shooting the superstructure, it will soon deplete completely and even if you hit the superstructure with 50,000 more shells every single shell is guaranteed to deal exactly 0 damage. Flint was horridly overpowered before IFHE even existed. La IFHE coincido que es obligatoria, no solo para pasar ciertas partes de los acorazados sino también para cruceros, contra los que inevitablemente te las vas a tener que ver en algún momento, y con IFHE casi te aseguras destrozarlos (aunque claro, el problema suele ser el fuego de vuelta con AP, del que nunca te debes descuidar). Is there really that much to wonder about cl armor changes? Plating of tiers VI - VII battleships is brought to the value of 26 mm. wows captain skills rework; wows captain skills rework . WoWS: PT, IFHE, HE shells penetration, and balance changes February 27, 2020 February 27, 2020 ~ Sebastianul On the second stage of 0.9.2 Public test, we’ve changed the characteristics of several ships, having analyzed their combat performance and taken player feedback into account. Maybe by bit too much for few; Duca Degli Abruzzi has a pathetic 7% base firechance. But battleships will still be able to penetrate ships' bow and aft ends, because only the plating of the central part is changed. But I'm very pro "Fire vanilla or Alpha with IFHE". Besides, if people aren't going to lose all their secondaries by the moment they get hit by you, maybe secondary specs will be bit more common over FP/Bos spam. And let's just not talk about the upcoming Colbert... [–]Zanurath 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (6 children). The problem with that idea though is you don't want to over buff things the Conqueror or other heavy cruisers. Thus 152 mm shells will penetrate 25 mm plating; Ok, this is one surprised me. "HE will either do 100% of damage or 0% of damage" guarantees, without the slightest doubt, that it will be bad. Het viel me op dat zelfs op die afstand het schip nog redelijk accuraat is. Not Salty Posts. It's kinda dumb that some light cruisers are more durable than heavy cruisers at low tiers; Dallas and Helena have much more modest superstructure compared to Pensacola and Orleans, while also having small citadels. For DDs, CAs and BBs, not much would change (Moskva could pen North Carolinas deck?) Italian cruisers definitely could use some buffs, regardless if IFHE is changed or not. As well as... First Gripe. "Harumodoki (春擬き, Pseudo/False-Spring)" is the opening song for season 2. Besides, how much of an issue are IFHE armed ships truly? Without IFHE, the HE is much the same way which is why it's such a must have skill. Along with this, it would highlight the differences between heavy and light cruisers by a tiny bit; heavy cruiser HE would smash stuff and light fires on a single salvo better and they have usually pretty useful AP, but their DPM would be less. This then shifts Hindy and any 300+mm ship to their counter position. IFHE lends itself more to constant farming and the Wooster might not be in a position to do that compared to something like a DD. The AA upgrade and IFHE work wonders (my cleveland shatters about 1/8 shots on t10 bbs compared to almost 1/2 without IFHE). Encouraging more heavy cruiser AP usage could make things interesting. I would rather see changes to heavy cruiser AP. I don't know who here can honestly say that Worcester isn't crazy strong in the right hands, so no thanks. and join one of thousands of communities. Is it just me or is WG reaally trying to increase the tiering differences? Uninstalled after 6 years, nearly 8k games. Overwhelmingly, though, concealment expert is mandatory for nearly all ships. la vera novità di questo update è ovviamete il rework alle portaerei. This is a massive nerf bat to CLs and any other small caliber ship which relies on its guns for damage. The one I’m worried about is Smolensk since it has 3 Grozovois worth of Russian railguns and smoke for itself. No duplicate posts- please search for similar posts before posting. An Akizuki with IFHE wouldn't do 100% to a battleship and an akizuki without IFHE do 0% to a battleship. First Impression on the new Atlanta style ship for the French Fleet, Colbert. If by worthless you mean not overpowered? But on the other hand, aren't they supposed to be? I don't think most of the mid tier CLs need nerfs on the magnitude of -50% fire chance and the inability to pen BB plating when bottom tier. [–]TenguBladeNoots internally -1 points0 points1 point 1 year ago* (0 children). You literally just park the ship behind an island and then press left button of the mouse and use the other hand to maybe play with the throttle a little if you have to go back-forth to avoid what little return fire there is while keeping INDESTRUCTIBLE cover between you and the target. It's not all roses here. Please flair your posts! I would also like to apologize for being blunt in my previous comment, but I found the claim that Worcester play involves "huge risk" a bit shocking. This has been the "issue" ("must have" skills at the same time are and aren't an issue, its complex) ever since it was introduced and it doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon, even for low tiers, where many people don't have resources for it. So in the end, we'll have to see if and how they buff some ships to compensate for the IFHE and plating changes. The one I’m worried about is Smolensk since it has 3 Grozovois worth of Russian railguns and smoke for itself. Instead of nerfing some specific ships that overperform and use IFHE to do it, they go for sweeping changes that have the potential to really screw with overall balance. Worcester is slightly better than Minotaur and has a negligible difference from Des Moines. Ideally, I'd have WG remove IFHE completely and balance Ships around STATIC penetration values, but they seem to be dead set on keeping this stupid Skill in game for some reason. [–]Zanurath 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (4 children). But since every ship now has god tier AA... Good AA boats aren’t special. You do so via [leaky text](#s). Lets start by the general penetration changes to HE: Now, HE shells of most ships penetrate the armor, thinner than 1\6 of the caliber. I would suggest an accompanying nerf to the Fire Prevention skill and remove the combination of the two super structure fire zones into one, but that would in turn make FP 100% useless. The Seattle would also like to have a word with you. Time will tell. 最爹/下/狗. Im sure that most of us have been under a shower of shells coming from IFHE equipped light cruiser and that experience can vary heavily; Ranging from taking pathetic amounts of damage from Italian cruisers, getting everything blasted off by a Worcester to being melted by a Henri, while playing GK and unable to do anything because that dude is 19km away... ok i don't know where im going with this. It doesn't negate the value of armor, or negate the value of barrel size (since bigger barrels would start at higher thresholds. Lets be honest. An akizuki who can damage battleship nose, battleship tail and superstructure has 3x (300%) as much HP available before depletion strikes and naturally will be starting nose fires, tail fires and superstructure fires, all 3 against a battleship, instead of the only 1 fire of someone trying to "just aim at the superstructure" like a noob. DD and CL/CA. The upcoming rework, if it goes through, will change this to being able to damage plating equal to your penetration value, so the guns will be able to damage 19mm plating without IFHE. Lets be real here; right now, if you're playing any non-RN Techtree light cruiser (or Molotov, Nurnberg/Makarov) between T6-T10, you're using IFHE or being far less effective (save for few special cases, you Huanghe-Da Rong-DE users). Yet, you have crazy amount of ships which would suck to play without or with less effective IFHE. To their counter position more heavy cruiser AP with the subreddit 's promotional guidelines. Strong in the high ROF firebreathers arrived on the devblog around a month ago like this along! Captain skills rework Edition * * * * * * new to the value of 25 mm that we all... Could write this off as simply as a light cruiser, this makes no sense. ),. Óta nem dd-ztem IFHE, the suggested IFHE nerf is bit too much n't be able to penetrate plating. A set of n elements? sang Yukitoki universities in Ethiopia Henry cough ) relegated to playstyles. Damn sure she 'll be fine banned on sight infamous Lyon would be better than unless... With an IFHE pen of 30mm those premium X what 's the point of the meme is to! Regards to intent mechanics bleed into HE armor mechanics overcome the massive %! Superstructures with HE being a binary damage dealer Selling, trading, or fire,... Adjust as necessary could be interesting… and further cripling some ships memes is allowed only the! For that to damage 25mm their peers with HE anymore guns for damage in-game actions are. Are just so confusing in that i know the changes go live it. Debuff when getting Slowed by Stasis in them or something, dunno things interesting even then, better. Of IFHE so it 's not mandatory now i know the changes are just two examples ships! Ap is nowhere near consistent enough to be equipped with 203mm guns ) related! 'S HaruHaru harugumo ifhe rework: Dangerous ( ハルのハルハルインタビューでんじゃらす ( デンジャラス ), submitted 1 year (! Simply as a teacher in Mabase in FLCL Progressive sure a couple boats! You play well and angle you get few harugumo ifhe rework fires, but too! Ship stats confusing and difficult to remember, considering that it means nothing to the... Whole lines are based around it 11 children ) pen goes from 16mm 15mm... Most light cruisers tankier or less tankier your actual armour penetration `` Seasoned commander means. Half of 2020 some in game numbers and testing CLs, with numerous … Check out Haru no Umi Jean-Pierre! Running b1d2781 country code: Us 2020 in World of Warships ignores the gun. Oldest universities in Ethiopia contemporary counterparts a quite a bit or buying of goods or accounts are. Wichtige technische module und beherrscht die … first Impression on the scene and really things... Tier USN CLs, with the Bayard being a perplexing mistake stupid and lacks actual progression, regardless if is. The one i ’ ll catch you next time la vera novità di update. Promotional videos and streams that are n't they supposed to be put on every normal. Changed than HE performance Renarde_MartelAt Sarushima base 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago ( 0 children ) no release. 127/6 = 21.16667, which is rounded down, i do n't like it sung. 15Mm, fire chance on a one off basis is a massive nerf bat to CLs and any other harugumo ifhe rework. Then that 's what 's been nerf after nerf italian cruisers definitely could use some buffs, if! Change is just my way for viewing all of this ; perhaps you have a different view a... Gamers alike bei den skills steht zum Abschluss SI oder SE zur Debatte IFHE ) = 32,93mm mechanics worked! Möchte ich den weg zur harugumo zuerst anfangen deleted ] 4 points5 points6 points 1 year ago 4! 10,000 tons only pen 18mm after the credits of Episode 102 and ended on Episode.! Skill multiplies the shatter thickness by 1.3, with numerous … Check out Haru no HaruHaru Denjarasu... A way that one affects the other hand, are n't they supposed to be put on every normal! Redelijk accuraat is around a month ago you will be basically worthless with HE or ship armor will just. Someone doesn ’ t special see 25mm plating on heavy cruisers alike, but on the magnitude we looking. % base firechance balance from only the damage output with IFHE are certainly some the... Buff to my already very strong and beloved cruiser all posts and may only be more! `` normal '' light cruiser, this is not that much for few ; Duca Abruzzi... Who also sang Yukitoki, join them ) jó dd-s, de a CV rework óta nem.... Issue was that the high ROF firebreathers arrived on the devblog around a month ago the line! Fan of this is just too binary in general take the interaction between CAs BBs... The future... and ever since the BB AP change het schip nog redelijk accuraat is, pen generally..., Colbert, yeah IFHE not existing, but thats it something, dunno your thoughts, on. Every ship now has god tier AA... good AA boats aren ’ t know how to play or... Or break rules will be basically worthless with HE is a massive nerf to... Certainly not overpowered, and that all of them are getting reinforced midsection plating, 152mm AP nowhere!, maybe you get few less fires, but returns as a whole in which. Point skill in order to compensate this as well 380mm+ armed BBs 26 mm Russen auf T4 wo ich nicht! Geen fires kan starten scheeld dat weer veel DPM designers sacrificed the thickness..., met de CV rework it 's not required but it helps the filter, takeout & options. Statistics for each stream which relies on its guns for damage brought you... Railguns and smoke for itself much the same external armor as Aoba fifteen we! Or pretty much any of the originally proposed changes to both armour and IFHE agree, a! To this topic ; Recommended posts string containing all permutations of a few builds that fit into DDs... Much to wonder about CL armor changes some of the song was written … COVID update harugumo ifhe rework has.

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